Can I bring my baby to a 2 hour class?

If your baby is under 12 months you are very welcome to bring them


What do I need to wear for the first aid courses?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing (not skirts or dresses) to participate in the essential practical elements of our training. You may be asked to remove your shoes so you might want to wear your best socks!

Do I have to do CPR on the manikin:

Our 2 hour classes are not a qualification course therefore you do not need to be assessed carrying out CPR. Whilst we encourage everyone to take part and learn the technique, we do not pressurise anyone who feels uncomfortable to do so.


If I cant attend can I have a refund?

Expert first aid do not offer refunds. Providing we have reasonable notice (at least 48hours before the course is due to commence)  we are happy to reschedule to another date.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Expert First Aid ask for all class bookings to be paid for in advance to secure your place. Our bookings are very busy; until payment is made your place is not guaranteed.


How do I pay?

You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer

How do I know when classes are happening in my area?

We will update the website with latest dates available, and regularly send out information via social media.

Do your courses comply with UK Resuscitation Council guidance?

Yes, all of our courses have been written according to the latest UK Resuscitation Council guidelines (2015) and you will receive updates for any changes.


I am unable to kneel on the floor, can I still attend?

Yes, of course we can adapt the practical elements for you. Although if you are doing a regulated course the HSE require that we observe you undertaking full CPR on the floor as otherwise we are only able to issue a modified certificate excluding the practical elements.  

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